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New format of the Volleyball Nations League has been announced

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Following a Volleyball Nations League (VNL) Council meeting last week, the new format for the VNL, as proposed by Volleyball World, was unanimously approved in response to feedback from stakeholders during the first three editions of the event.
New format will take effect in the 2022 edition, and will see 16 men’s and 16 women’s teams competing in pools of 8 teams during the round robin phase. Eight teams per gender will then move into the final knockout phase of the competition.

With the new format in place, each team will play 12 matches during the three weeks of the round robin phase.
These three weeks will see two pools of eight teams per gender competing in four matches each over six days of competition (Tuesday – Sunday).
The new competition format means that each gender plays on alternate weeks, allowing for a one-week gap between events. The total number of matches in the round robin phase will be 96.

Source and photo: FIVB

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