27 September 2022


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Brazil: Renan Dal Zotto announced team roster for South American Championship

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Renan Dal Zotto, head coach of Brazil, announced the composition of the national team for the upcoming South American Championship, which will be held from September 1st to 5th, in Brasilia.

Setters: Bruno Rezende and Fernando Kreling
Opposites: Alan Souza and Aboubacar Dramé Neto
Outside hitters: Ricardo Lucarelli, João Rafael de Barros Ferreira, Gabriel Vaccari and Adriano
Middle blockers: Lucas Saatkamp, Isac Santos, Flavio Gualberto and Cledenilson Souza
Liberos: Thales Hoss and Maique Nascimento.

Compared to the Tokyo Olympics, Wallace, Leal, Douglas Souza, Maurício Borges and Maurício Souza were part of this competition.
Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela are participating in the South American Championship, and this will be the 34th edition of the South American Championship, in which Brazil won 32 titles.

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