28 January 2023


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Italy SuperCup: the renewed Itas Trentino take trophy home by beating Monza in four sets, Kaziyski MVP

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The renewed Itas Trentino will return home with the 2021 Italian Volleyball Super Cup in their hands, after defeat Vero Volley Monza in the surprising final of the competition.
Bulgarian veteran Matey Kaziyski marked his third return to Trentino with a very deservedly MVP award, as he scored 21 points (one of five double-digit players on the scoresheet in Trentino) in the gold medal encounter in Civitanova, being a true leader on the field to a team that made lot of changes in the off-season.
In fact they saw departures of all pillars like Lucarelli, European champion Giannelli, Abdel-Aziz and Rossini, but with a roster filled with numerous rising Italian stars, including Michieletto and Lavia, who showed they are ready to collect successes.

Monza entered their first-ever Super Cup final match nervous, losing the first two sets too easy, but fighting a lot in the third in which they canceled three match-points and converted their sixth set ball.
However, nothing to do, as the fourth set was one-way, just like the first one, and only Trento entered the court, taking home their third Super Cup in the club history after 2011, 2013 and 2021.

Apart from a super Kaziyski, Serbian Marko Podraščanin made the difference in the team commanded by Angelo Lorenzetti with four winning blocks while, as for Monza, German Georg Grozer scored 21 points, including five aces.


🏐| Del Monte Supercoppa SuperLega – Semifinals

Cucine Lube Civitanova – Vero Volley Monza 1-3 (22:25, 16:25, 25:21, 20:25)
Cucine Lube Civitanova: De Cecco 2, Juantorena 10, Simon 13, Garcia Fernandez 11, Santos De Souza 15, Anzani 7, Marchisio (L), Balaso (L), Kovar 2, Sottile 1. N.E. Yant Herrera, Jeroncic, Penna, Diamantini. Coach. Blengini.
Vero Volley Monza: Orduna 0, Davyskiba 16, Galassi 10, Grozer 21, Dzavoronok 18, Grozdanov 9, Gaggini (L), Beretta 0, Karyagin 0, Federici (L), Calligaro 0, Galliani 0. N.E. Comparoni, Mitrasinovic. Coach. Eccheli.

Sir Safety Conad Perugia – Itas Trentino 0-3 (21:25, 21:25, 23:25)
Sir Safety Conad Perugia: Giannelli 2, Anderson 10, Ricci 5, Rychlicki 5, Leon Venero 16, Solé 7, Piccinelli (L), Colaci (L), Plotnytskyi 6, Travica 0, Mengozzi 0. N.E. Dardzans, Ter Horst, Russo. Coach. Grbic.
Itas Trentino: Sbertoli 3, Kaziyski 15, Lisinac 10, Lavia 11, Michieletto 10, Podrascanin 10, De Angelis (L), Zenger (L), Cavuto 0. N.E. Albergati, Sperotto, Pinali, D’Heer. Coach. Lorenzetti.


🏐| FINALOctober 24, 2021

• Itas Trentino – Vero Volley Monza 3-1 (25:11, 25:21, 31:33, 25:14)
ITAS TRENTINO: Kaziyski 21, D’heer, Michieletto 18, Sbertoli 3, Cavuto, Pinali, Lavia 16, Zenger (L), Podrascanin 10, Lisinac 16. Not entered: Albergati, Sperotto, De Angelis. Coach. Lorenzetti.
VERO VOLLEY MONZA: Grozdanov 6, Karyagin, Calligaro, Dzavoronok 13, Orduna 1, Federici (L), Grozer 22, Galassi 8, Beretta, Mitrasinovic, Davyskiba 3, Gaggini (L). Not entered Galliani. Coach. Eccheli.

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