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Copa Brasil: Minas overhelm Campinas to lift its first trophy in club’s history!

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Led by the excellent setter William, on the field despite calf problems, Minas lift the first Copa Brasil in club history, overwhelming Renata Campinas in the great final.
The players around coach Pacheco, still without Lucas and with Evandro at half service, this time fail to repeat the performance of the semifinal against Sada Cruzeiro, with the only exception of outside hitter Adriano while, for the winners it is almost everything perfect.

In first set, immediately 2 breaks for Minas: on the net Evandro’s attack (2-0) and Juninho’s block on Judson (3-0). Extends again Minas with Leozinho, who closes a prolonged action (7-3) and a counterattack by Vissotto: 8-3. No break point for Campinas, while Minas scores another with Leozinho: 15-9. Honorato sent on the net the ball of 16-12, but Leozinho’s block on Evandro restores the distances: 20-14.
Out Evandro and in Nasser, then also Cristiano on Demian Gonzalez, but Leozinho extends again: 22-15. Barreto blocks Vissotto (22-17), but is too late for any comeback. Everaldo enters for the double exchange and scores an ace (24-17), and 25-18 bears the name of Pinta.

In the second set, Nasser remains on the field, while Gonzalez returns. Minas immediately ran away with 2 counterattacks by Honorato (on the field Canuto instead of Temponi at 2-0) and a William’s ace: 4-0. Leozinho takes advantage of Vissotto’s recovery by foot, which is worth 6-1. Adriano finds an ace (6-3), but Honorato’s attack from the second line immediately brings Minas back to +5: 8-3. They also misses a free ball in reconstruction (11-5), and William blocks Canuto: 12-5. Winning block also for Gonzalez (12-7) and another break thanks to Adriano’s counterattack: 12-8. Vissotto attacks out on 12-9 and then commits invasion in attack (14-12) but, on the next ball, Campinas sends an easy ball out: 15-12. A (rare) attack out by Adriano is worth 16-12, then also Canuto misses in reception on a service from Honorato: 17-12. Another error by Campinas with an attack out of Judson: 18-12. Useless also the contribution of Canuto, blocked by Pinta: 20-13. One-way final, but William’s first half in bagher for Pinta is worth the ticket price (and the 21-13).
Adriano signs 2 consecutive points (21-15), but nothing to do, due Sanchez’s counterattack (entered for the double change), 23-13 and invasion by Nasser (24-15). Closes a block by Leozinho on Nasser: 25-15.

In the third set, Campinas changes their formation, with Temponi opposite, Adriano and Canuto outside hitters. Nothing changes, with a first break for Minas, signed by Leozinho: 5-3. Honorato signs the +3, 9-6. Temponi does not close, but Vissotto does: 10-6. Campinas tries to react with Canuto’s block on Honorato (10-8) and Vissotto’s attack out (10-9). Canuto, however, immediately gives his opponents 12-9, and Temponi is blocked by Leozinho: 13-9. Sanchez replaces Vissotto, but it is Leozinho who signs 2 more break points in counterattack (16-11) and in blocking (17-11). Minas spreads with the counterattack of Honorato (19-12) and the ace of Pinta (21-13). Adriano does not give up with an attack and an ace (21-15), and a block by Barreto closes the longest exchange of the game (21-16). Campinas shortens the gap with Temponi (22-18) and the new entry Guilherme (23-20). But Juninho’s block on Adriano’s counterattack extinguishes the last hopes (24-20) of Campinas, as the error in serving by a disastrous Canuto closes the games definitively: 25-21.


| Copa Brasil 2022Semifinals
Fiat/Gerdau/Minas – Vedacit Guarulhos 3-1 (25:19, 25:12, 21:25, 25:22)
Sada Cruzeiro – Volei Renata Campinas 2-3 (21:25, 25:27, 27:25, 27:25, 13:15)


| FINALJanuary 29
• Fiat/Gerdau/Minas – Volei Renata Campinas 3-0 (25:18, 25:15, 25:21)


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