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France says no to World Championship in Russia

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French Volleyball Federation, with the words of its president Eric Tanguy, announced today that French National Team will not play World Championship in Russia scheduled from August 26 to August 11 2022.

The French Volleyball Federation (FFvolley) also joined the Polish federation in the decision not to send its clubs to Russia.
The governing body of volleyball in France, however, went one step further and decided not to send its national team to the FIVB World Championship if it remains in Russia as well.

The French Volleyball Federation, represented by its President Eric Tanguy, voted this morning at a meeting of the Executive Bureau of the European Confederation to cancel the travel of French athletes and teams playing in European cups in Ukraine and Russia. The safety of our fellow citizens is our priority and we’ll do everything we can to guarantee it during national or international competitions. In this context and at this stage, France won’t participate in the World Championship if its organization remains in Russia,” are the words in press release.

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