5 December 2023


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China: Super League canceled! Foreign players start leaving China…

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The 2021/22 season of the Chinese Men’s Volleyball Championship has been canceled, although without official communication yet.

Chinese elite competition has been allegedly canceled after being already postponed several times, and some foreign players that were to compete there, including the Italian duo from Shanghai, Filippo Lanza and Luca Vettori (in photo) have left China and returned to their homeland.
Championship was originally scheduled to be held in mid-January during the so-called Spring Festival, Chinese New Year, but was later postponed to the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics (February 20).
In mid-March, due to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Jiangmen, where the men’s league was scheduled to start on April 2, it was postponed again, and there was even news that it would be changed.
Chinese media then reported that Jiangmen was willing to host the Super League in the period around the May Day holiday, International Labour Day, which was marked as the last chance to restart the tournament.
However, as the coronavirus outbreak in the country, nothing to do.

Either way the Chinese Volleyball Association (CVA) hasn’t yet released any official note regarding the 2021/22 season of the competition…..

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