8 December 2023


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Brasil: Sada Cruzeiro Champions for 7th time! Minas defeated in decisive Game 3

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After two exciting tie breaks in Game 1 and Game 2, Sada Cruzeiro needed just three sets to defeat Minas in decisive Game 3.
This is fifth seasonal success for the winners after Mineiro Championship, Supercup, Club World Championship and South American Club Championship. Basically, they missed only National Cup!
This is 7th title after 3 years (Funvic won in 2019 and 2021, title not assigned in 2020 due coronavirus emergency).
Today, first and third sets ended 20:25 both…while the second lasts 52 minutes and Sada Cruzeiro closed at 7th set point with a decisive blow by an excellent Rodriguinho, after having cancelled five!

Sada Cruzeiro start the match in a perfect way with counterattacks from Wallace for the 2-3, and Otavio, which are worth 2-4 and 2-5. Then there is also a winning block from Lopez over Vissotto, for the point of 2-6. Ace di Lopez for the heavy 5-12 and, despite Minas react with a couple of breaks recovered, one with Honorato, 7-12, and another with Kelvi, 9-13, set is never discussed as Rodriguinho put down the ball of 9-15, Sanchez the one of 13-17 and Rodriguinho restore the +6: 14-20.
Finally Vissotto signs the break point of 17-21, but Lopez close with a clear 20-25.

Minas start better in second set with counterattacks from Honorato and Vissotto, 3-1. Sada Cruzeiro reply with blocks by Otavio on Leozinho, that level the scorec and by di Isac on Vissotto, for the 5-6. Leozinho and Vissottof with counterattack of 9-7, doesn’t agree, but an error from the same Vissotto is worth the 9-9. Kelvi blocks Wallace for the point of 11-9, but Sada Cruzeiro reply with 3 break points in a row: attack from the second line by Lopez, 12-12, counterattack by Wallace, (12-13) and an error from Vissotto, 12-14 who, however, redeem himself with a winning block on Rodriguinho for 14-14, and a counterattack that is worth the 15-14. An ace by Rodriguinho is worth the 15-16 and, on 18-19 young Arthur Bento replaces
Leozinho. Sada Cruzeiro run away with a block by Rodriguinho on Honorato, 20-22, but a counterattack from Vissotto level the score again, 23-23. Minas cancel a set point and take the lead with a winning block from Arthur Bento on Lopez, 25-24. The rivals, however, cancelled five set balls to regain the lead with an attack from the second line by Rodriguinho, 29-30. Minas saves other 5 set points, but Vissotto not close. Rodriguinho yes, sending the ball between block and net: 34-36.

For Minas, apparently, the match is over: counterattack from Rodriguinho, 0-1, and error by Pinta, and a counterattack from Wallace is worth the 1-4. Lopez make the ace of 5-10 and a very inspired Rodriguinho, put down the ball of 5-11, and another error mark even the 8-16. Close set and game, 25-20, an error from the service line by Pinta.


🏐| 2021/22 Superliga Masculina 1XBET – Playoffs Final – best-of-three

| Game 1 | April 24, 2022
Sada Cruzeiro (2) – Fiat Gerdau
Minas (1) 3-2
(26:24, 21:25, 15:25, 25:22, 15:11) Serie: 1-0

| Game 2 | May 1
Fiat Gerdau Minas – Sada Cruzeiro 3-2 (21:25, 25:22, 25:22, 21:25, 18:16) Serie: 1-1

| Game 3 | May 8
• Fiat Gerdau Minas – Sada Cruzeiro 0-3 (20:25, 34:36, 20:25) Serie: 1-2

Stats soon…..if published!


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