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Brazil: Minas reject 2 match points of Sada Cruzeiro to tie final series at 1-1. Vissotto MVP

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In a dramatic Game 2 of the 2021/22 Brazilian Superliga Masculina 1XBETChampionship finals, Fiat/Gerdau/Minas defeat Sada Cruzeiro and forced the deciding encounter for the title.

The duel between the regular season winners Minas and No.2 Cruzeiro was a game with all the ingredients of a great final, just like Game 1!
With an amazing comeback from 6-10 and 10-13 at tie-break, Minas came to be 2 points away from saying goodbye to the title in the tie-break, but managed to turn over the set in their favor.
Thus, Nery Tambeiro’s guys equaled the series; the game worth the title will take place next Sunday, also at the Sabiazinho Arena in Uberlândia, chosen by Minas as their home ground in the finals.

The performance of a returnee to the Minas squad after more than a month, veteran Leandro Vissotto, was fundamental for his side, as he scored 31 points and was named MVP of the match.

Sada Cruzeiro enter the field with the same sextet of Game 1, while Minas recover Vissotto and Pinta, but second middle-blocker is Kelvi, after a great performance in Game 1.
Very balanced start, with Sada Cruzeiro who manage to escape with a counterattack from Lopez and an error by Maique due a serve from Rodriguinho, 10-12. Lopez put down the counterattack of +3, 12-15, Wallace squander the ball of +4 and Leozinho find the ace of 15-16. Honorato send out the counterattack of a possible draw, 15-17, and Sada Cruzeiro back to +3 with a block from Isac over Leozinho, that is worth the 16-19. 21-24 without major problems, and Pinta attack out, so the set close at first set ball, 21-25.

Sada Cruzeiro start better in second set also due an error in attack from Kelvi, 0-2, and the ace from Lopez, 2-5, but an error from Rodriguinho (9-10), a counterattack from Vissotto (11-11), and a free ball exploited by Leozinho is worth the surpass, 12-11. Wallace score the ball of 12-13, but Kelvi reply with the counterattack of 15-14, and Wallace attacks on the net: 16-14. Kelvi blocks Isac, 18-15, and Otavio blocks Leozinho for the 19-18, and Wallace is not the same of Game 1, 21-18. Lopez attack the ball of -1, 21-20, but Minas keep the lead and close at first set point with Kelvi, 25-22.

Third set played on a very high level: Minas starts, 3-0, Sada Cruzeiro reply, 5-5, and then balance until the 14-14. Vissotto
in counterattack for the 16-14 and a block from Honorato on Wallace, 17-14, launch Minas, who take advantage also from a great Kelvi: first he blocks Lopez for the 20-16, and then sets up the ace of 22-17. Ace also for Lopez, who try to reduce the gap. Minas temble for the error of Leozinho (23-22), but Vissotto close at first set point in counterattack, 25-22.

Sada Cruzeiro start strong in fourth set, with 3 break points on Cachopa’s serves (1-4 with an ace, too), and then 5 on Rodriguinho’s turn, for the 2-11. Nery Tambeiro
starts to think at tie break and send to the bench William and Vissotto. Everaldo and Sanchez, however, keep Sada Cruzeiro busy, 16-20. Vissotto, back to the court, even signs the point of -3, 17-20, but Sada Cruzeiro doesn’t agree and postpone the verdict at tie break, 21-25.

Fifth set with, surprisingly, 18-years-old Arthur Bento on the field in place of Leozinho. He scores the attack of 2-2 and the ace of 5-5. Honorato attack out the ball of 6-8, and even the one of 6-10 (in the middle, Wallace’s conterattack of 6-9). At this point match seems over…absolutely no. A winning block from Vissotto on Lopez revitalize Minas, 8-10, who, score the ball of 11-13. Lopez miss the attack from second line, 12-13, Isac don’t close, and not even Sanchez, but he has a second chance: 13-13. Wallace’s error is worth a resounding surpass: 14-13!
At fourth serve come the error from Everaldo, 14-14. Sada Cruzeiro cancel other two match points, 16-16, but Honorato blocks Wallace, 17-16. Otavio’s error in attack close set and game 18-16, sending everybody to decisive Game 3, next Sunday.


🏐| 2021/22 Superliga Masculina 1XBET – Playoffs Final – best-of-three

| Game 1 | April 24, 2022
Sada Cruzeiro (2) – Fiat Gerdau
Minas (1) 3-2
(26:24, 21:25, 15:25, 25:22, 15:11) Serie: 1-0

👉🏼 Game 2 | May 1
• Fiat Gerdau Minas – Sada Cruzeiro 3-2 (21:25, 25:22, 25:22, 21:25, 18:16) Serie: 1-1
Fiat Gerdau Minas: William Arjona 0,
Henrique Honorato 9, Kelvi Souza 8, Leandro Vissotto 31, Leonardo Nascimento “Leozinho” 9, Matheus Bispo Dos Santos “Pinta” 9, Maique Nascimento (L); Michael Sanchez Bozhulev 6, Everaldo Silva 1, Arthur Bento 4. Not entered: Edson Paixao
“Juninho”, Lucas Machado, Matheus Silva, Marcus Coelho. Coach: Nery Tambeiro.
Sada Cruzeiro: Fernando Kreling
“Cachopa” 2, Rodrigo Leao “Rodriguinho” 13, Isac Santos 11, Wallace Souza 23, Miguel Lopez 22, Otavio Pinto 10, Lucas De Deus
“Lukinha” (L); Cledenilson Batista, Guilherme Rech. Not entered: Wellinton Oppenkoski, Lucas Loh, Matias Provensi, Lucas Bauer (L), Rhendrick Rosa. Coach: Filipe Ferraz.
MVP: Leandro Vissotto.

| Game 3 | May 8
• Fiat Gerdau Minas – Sada Cruzeiro


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