11 December 2023


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Road to World Champs: spectacular volleyball on water tournament held in Ljubljana!

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Ten days before the start of the 2022 FIVB Volleyball World Championship in Ljubljana, the river in the Slovenian capital provided the setting for a magnificent Volleyball on Water event on Tuesday, August 16.

As part of the promotion of the competition, a water volleyball tournament was held with the participation of former Slovenia National Team indoor players and the current stars of the Slovenian beach volleyball, as well as international players who took part in exhibition matches.
And players competed on a magneficent floating and slightly flooded court on the Ljubljanica river.
Several thousand spectators from the embankment and bridges watched the action right in the middle of the river and, as the sun went down, the court became especially beautiful thanks to the luminous LED lights marking the lines and contours of the playing field.

Nina Lovšin and Asja Šen celebrated a win im the women’s tournament with a 2-0 win against Maja Marolt and Živa Javornik while, in the men’s tournament, Urh Port and David Renko claimed first place after a spectacular 2-1 win against Tadej Boženk and Danijel Pokeršnik.
The last part of the evening featured a match between foreign and Slovenian players. Josip Pribanić of Croatia, Felix Friedl of Austria, and Piotr Ilewicz of Poland represented Team World, while national team players Alan Košenina and Uroš Pavlović, together with Volleyball on Water tournament winner Urh Port represented Slovenia.
The international players claimed the win.

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