26 September 2023


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Communication: numbers

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Numbers constitute the only universal language.
Numbers are the most certain things we have.

Just to be clear, on a photographic level, only in the 2021/22 season we covered 153 games (in detail, 34 tie breaks, 61 3-0 and 58 3-1), for a total of 585 sets, 26,067 points, and 11,092 photos published on our site.
29 matches of Eurovolley 2021, 16 in Austria, 38 in France, 32 in Italy and 24 in the Nations League, between Sofia and Bologna. We covered the National teams of 27 countries around the world, as well as all the teams in Italy, France and Austria.
Perfection does not exist. But, looking at the work of our collaborators during the just archived FIVB World Championship 2022, we have come very close.
Full coverage of all matches, in every pool, in every phase.
34 matches with photographic coverage, from Ljubljana, to Gliwice, to Katowice, for finals.
Peaks of over 22,000 daily visits, from all over the world (thanks Google Analytics, our official numbers provider).

In these cases, what can I say?
I look at the numbers. Not the facts, and not even the words. Because the numbers speak from themselves.
When I decided to create Random Times in 2018, it was all a game. Then came volleytimes, with another name, a little blog, like many others, basically useless, around the web. Then the family expanded, the title of news organization arrived, together with the official accreditations, press cards for our collaborators, the national championships, and then, also the international competitions: two European championships, followed from start to finish by our collaborators. Olympic qualifiers, Nations League, Champions League, including two superfinals. And now, even a World Championship with full coverage.
As the sole founder of this project, the only thing I can say in a situation like this is thank you. But above all thanks to Ivan, who is committed and who is committed every day to make it grow.
And to Stefania (Anya), who collaborates with me through her magnificent photos, from the very beginning. My texts, her photos. At first, that was my way of thinking.
But thanks to others too. Also to our visitors, supporters and followers.
Without you, each of you, Volleytimes would not have boasted more than 8 million visits in 2021 that we want to exceed this year.
Future projects?
Continue to grow, in Europe and around the world.
And now we focus on the new season, trying to create something new.

With immense gratitude,

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