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Communication: in the haze of absurdity

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If you want support us, please send a mail a media.accreditation@volleyball.world . For several reasons that I will explain here below.

On our social media, for several weeks we have the smile Monday. Today it’s Monday, and no, this time we have no reason to smile.
It took me a few hours to digest the surreal situation I’m experiencing in Ljubljana, where i’m following World Championship 2022.
I state that I hardly write such a long text in English, and I state that my state of mind, after all, does not allow me to think clearly. Not even talk.
What was supposed to be another exceptional work experience (after two Champions League superfinals, two Eurovollies followed from start to finish, the Italian Cup final, among others, in addition to a collection of matches and kilometers), has literally turned into a nightmare.

First of all, despite having made a regular request for accreditation for Pool Stage, Round of 16 and Quarterfinals here, in Ljubljana, I have received no reply. Then I sent three mails, the last one the day before the start of competition.
At this point, I went to Slovenia anyway, only to find that my accreditation was NOT there.

It sounds good, right?
Ok. I am given the contact of a person within the FIVB organization, whom I contact. SMS. Nothing. Mail….ok. I’ll wait. The World Championship would start in less than an hour, and no reply.
Fortunately, at the accreditation desk, someone wanted to help me (or not?) with a pass with which I could only move in the spectators area.
I get the email during the first game, and she can’t give my accreditation.
In addition, the nice character says she sent me a mail with “accreditation rejection” last Sunday, as per attachment.
Does the attachment open?
Of course not.

That’s because it seems that a professional with a regular European Journalist Legitimation and a regular press card, who wants to cover all the games, and who works for a REGISTERED news organization that has counted over 8 million annual visitors is annoying, and does not deserve accreditation, according to them.
So what did I do?
Nothing. I kept my pass and worked, by photographing ALL MATCHES so far, moving only in the spectator area, of course.

All great, and problem solved, right?
Yes. Until yesterday morning when, suddenly and during the match between Cuba and Qatar, I was invited (with unpolite manners) to buy a ticket. Ridiculous but, of course, to save my job, and in an attempt to find a solution shortly, I did. Yes. 35 euros for half a game and for Brazil – Japan, and 20 for the other two.

Ironically, Slovenia was the last game of the day so it was almost sold out.
Last ring, the so-called “Piccionaia”, in italian, and only two places available. Just in time.

But, ironically, in the next few days I will have to pay 70 euros to see 4 games. 210 euros then. Without being able to move from my seat, and praying that they continue to let me in with my professional equipment. And my ticket.

Yes, because, ironically, I cannot enter with the ticket AND the professional photographic equipment too. When, desperate, I said “I’m a professional, but without accreditation due to an organization mistake”, and I showed the press card, they replied “the photos only with the mobile phone”. But luckily, for now, someone from the security has helped me. So yes, ticket and I can photograph matches, from my seat and with my equipment. Will it last until the end?
Not other jokes, please.

In the meantime, I wrote another email to my new friend, the nice character of the organization. Nothing offensive, of course, just that I’m just trying to do my job.
And in your opinion, did I get an answer?

The funny thing is, however, that 90% of the people inside have the pass around their neck.
And, with the exception of the official FIVB photographers (I can’t imagine how enjoyable it is to work for such an entity) only I have followed all the games so far. So, where are all the accredited super professionals?

Help me to share.
Because it has happened that, always the dear friends of the FIVB, for Nations League Finals, have accredited amateur “photographers” who “collaborate” with “blogs” last updated in January 2020, and who has never worked as a photographer.

Is it so difficult, before making a decision, to see the work done?
And, for once, reward those who, in addition to being a professional, work seriously?
I’m disgusted. Really disgusted.

I didn’t want to buy tickets. But I’m a professional. And I want to lower my head to save my job. Even in this ridiculous way for someone like me who hasn’t bought tickets since season 2016/17.

So, I repeat, If you want to help me/us, you can contact these nice characters at media.accreditation@volleyball.world and ask them why Volleytimes did NOT get accredited.

I hope to go to Poland for next phases, of course.
But if this is the job done by FIVB / Volleyball World (yes, the same who published Zaytsev on the promo of the event) I think that I will archive the World Championship after a disastrous Pool Stage to concentrate all myself on the new season.
In 2021/22 I photographed only 153 matches around Europe, for a total of over 11,000 photos published. And this is probably not enough.
And I’m not enough?
Once I probably would have said yes. But now I am aware that even though I have lowered my head, I have bought tickets and will continue to do so, at least until the end of the Pool Stage, I love my job. No one can stop me from doing it, and I am grateful (and always will be) to be able to do what I love every day, together with a great team. By all means avaible.
And I learned to adapt to any situation. If I can’t get my accreditation, you can still have my photos, and I’ll do my best. As usual.

Help me to share.
But above all, I thank you all publicly for your support and your appreciation of my photos and my work.

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