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🏐Vasilis Kostopoulos (🇬🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇬🇷A.O.P. Kifissias to 🇬🇷Panathinaikos Athens
🏐Mikko Räsänen (🇫🇮)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇮Savo Volley to 🇫🇮Karelian Hurmos
🏐Ulrik Dahl (🇩🇰)–Opposite–from 🇮🇹Sa.Ma. Portomaggiore to 🇧🇪Tectum Achel
🏐Janis Medenis (🇱🇻)–Outside Hitter–from 🇱🇻SK Jēkabpils Lūši to 🇧🇪Tectum Achel
🏐Koen Van den Borden (🇳🇱)–Middle-blocker–from 🇳🇱VoCASA to 🇧🇪Tectum Achel
🏐Ruben Duwaerts (🇧🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇪Mendo Booischot to 🇧🇪Tectum Achel
🏐Marijn Claes (🇧🇪)–Libero–from 🇧🇪Mendo Booischot to 🇧🇪Tectum Achel
🏐Arnor Van Leemputten (🇧🇪)–Setter–from 🇧🇪Mendo Booischot to 🇧🇪Tectum Achel
🏐Linus Björk (🇸🇪)–Middle-blocker–from 🇸🇪RIG Falköping to 🇸🇪Örkelljunga Volley
🏐Sławomir Zemlik (🇸🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇸🇪Falkenbergs VBK to 🇸🇪Lunds VK
🏐Nikola Micić (🇷🇸)–Setter–from 🇷🇸Novi Pazar to 🇷🇸Spartak Ljig
🏐Piero Müller (🇨🇭)–Opposite–from🇨🇭Volley Schönenwerd to 🇨🇭Traktor Basel
🏐Eric Heller (🇨🇭)- Middle-blocker–from 🇺🇸Campbellsville University to 🇨🇭Traktor Basel
🏐Matías Giraudo (🇦🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Nice Volley Ball to 🇨🇿České Budějovice
🏐Davide Gardini (🇮🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇺🇸Brigham Young Univ. to 🇮🇹Kioene Padova
🏐Rafael Miguel (🇷🇺)–Outside Hitter–from 🇰🇿Atyrau VC to 🇹🇷Milas Belediye Spor
🏐Filip Šestan (🇭🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇷🇴CS Municipal Arcada Galați to 🇸🇮ACH Volley Ljubljana
🏐Mahela Indeewara Bandara (🇱🇰)–Opposite–from 🇲🇾Selangor Lion to 🇨🇭Volley Schönenwerd
🏐Sho Takahashi (🇯🇵)–Libero–from 🇫🇮Team Lakkapää to 🇵🇱Exact Systems Norwid Częstochowa
🏐Satoshi Ide (🇯🇵)–Libero–from 🇩🇪United Volleys Frankfurt to 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys
🏐Kyle McCauley (🇺🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇺🇸UC San Diego Tritons to 🇳🇱Lycurgus Volleyball
🏐Martin Ramos (🇦🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas
🏐Hugo Fischer (🇧🇪)–Middle-blocker–from 🇺🇸Grand Canyon University to 🇧🇪Caruur Volley Gent
🏐Miha Fink (🇸🇮)–Middle-blocker–from 🇸🇮OK Fužinar to 🇸🇮Merkur Maribor
🏐Spyros Chandrinos (🇬🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇬🇷AONS Milon to 🇬🇷Olympiacos
🏐Andreas Andreadis (🇬🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇬🇷Olympiacos to 🇬🇷AONS Milon
🏐Boyan Yordanov (🇧🇬)–Opposite–from 🇧🇬Levski Sofia to 🇬🇷AONS Milon
🏐Dexter Edward Batalla (🇪🇸)–Setter–from 🇪🇸Tarragona SPSP to 🇪🇸CV Teruel
🏐Julien Prigent (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇬🇷PAOK Thessaloniki to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Francisco Iribarne (🇪🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas to 🇩🇪Helios Grizzlies Giesen
🏐Fedor Ivanov (🇫🇮)–Setter–from 🇫🇮Savo Volley to 🇩🇪Helios Grizzlies Giesen
🏐Jakob Günthör (🇩🇪)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇹Fonte do Bastardo to 🇩🇪Helios Grizzlies Giesen
🏐Hélio Sanches (🇨🇻)–Middle-blocker–from 🇮🇱Hapoel Mate-Asher Ako to 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst
🏐Alex Saaremaa (🇪🇪)–Middle-blocker–from 🇪🇪Bigbank Tartu to 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst
🏐Max Petersson (🇸🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇸🇪Hylte/Halmstad VBK to 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst
🏐Mikkel Hoff (🇩🇰)–Setter–from 🇳🇱Active Living Orion to 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst
🏐José Pedro Monteiro (🇵🇹)–Setter–from 🇵🇹Sporting Clube de Espinho to 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst
🏐Jori Mantha (🇨🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching to 🇩🇪Helios Grizzlies Giesen
🏐Atro Berg (🇫🇮)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇮Team Lakkapää to 🇫🇮Hurrikaani Loimaa
🏐Luka Marovt (🇸🇮)–Universal–from 🇸🇮SIP Šempeter to 🇸🇮ACH Volley Ljubljana
🏐Djordje Jovovic (🇲🇪)–Opposite–from 🇲🇪OK Budućnost Podgorica to 🇸🇮HišaNaKolesih Triglav
🏐Nikola Scerbakov (🇭🇷)–Setter–from 🇩🇪VC Bitterfeld-Wolfen to 🇦🇹SK AICH/DOB
🏐Ali Fazli (🇮🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇮Raision Loimu to 🇫🇮Akaa-Volley
🏐Jeffrey Klok (🇳🇱)–Libero–from 🇳🇱Draisma Dynamo Apeldoorn to 🇳🇱Lycurgus Volleyball
🏐Remco Van den Elshout (🇳🇱)–Middle-blocker–from 🇳🇱Donki Sjot to 🇳🇱VC Limac
🏐Jack Williams (🇬🇧)–Opposite–from 🇬🇧IBB Polonia London VC to 🇳🇱VC Limac
🏐Alfred Brink (🇸🇪)–Setter–from 🇸🇪Hylte/Halmstad VBK to 🇳🇱VC Limac
🏐Juho Kaunisto (🇫🇮)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇪VBC Waremme to 🇳🇱VC Limac
🏐Jan Pražák (🇨🇿)–Middle-blocker–from 🇨🇿Dukla Liberec to 🇨🇿Fatra Zlín
🏐Lukas Hasler (🇨🇭)–Libero–from 🇨🇭Traktor Basel to 🇨🇭Volley Schönenwerd
🏐Nikola Petrović (🇷🇸)–Setter–from 🇷🇸Partizan Belgrade to 🇷🇸Radnički Kragujevac
🏐Andrej Ristić (🇧🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇷🇸Crvena Zvezda Belgrade to 🇷🇸Radnički Kragujevac
🏐Gregor Pernuš (🇸🇮)–Setter–from 🇸🇮ACH Volley Ljubljana to 🇸🇮Merkur Maribor
🏐Erik Kodrič (🇸🇮)–Middle-blocker–from 🇨🇦UNB Reds to 🇸🇮Salonit Anhovo
🏐Timothy McIntosh (🇺🇸)–Libero–from 🇺🇸Northeast Force to 🇦🇹Hypo Tirol Innsbruck
🏐Kruno Nikačević (🇭🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇭🇷HAOK Mladost Zagreb to 🇨🇿Dukla Liberec
🏐Iurii Semeniuk (🇺🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇺🇦Epicentr-Podolyany to 🇵🇱Projekt Warszawa
🏐Axel Tellez Rodriguez (🇲🇽)–Middle-blocker–from 🇲🇽Tigres UANL to 🇪🇸CV Teruel
🏐Jonas Sagstetter (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇩🇪TSV Haching München to 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching
🏐Robin Ottenhof (🇳🇱)–Middle-blocker–from 🇳🇱Zaanstad to 🇳🇱Active Living Orion
🏐Edson Felicissimo (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇪VBC Waremme to 🇳🇱Active Living Orion
🏐Silver Maar (🇪🇪)–Libero–from 🇪🇪Pärnu Võrkpalliklubi to 🇨🇿Dukla Liberec
🏐Jonathan Rodríguez (🇵🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇩🇰Middelfart VK to 🇨🇭Volley Schönenwerd
🏐Jacob Kern (🇨🇦)–Opposite–from 🇩🇪Helios Grizzlies Giesen to 🇳🇱Lycurgus Volleyball
🏐Luan Duc Truong (🇨🇿)–Setter–from 🇨🇿Volejbal Brno to 🇨🇿Fatra Zlín
🏐Sebastian Rösler (🇩🇪)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇮Ford Store Levoranta Sastamala to 🇩🇪TSV Haching München
🏐Maxime Capet (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley to 🇧🇪Decospan Volley Team Menen
🏐David Janků (🇨🇿)–Outside Hitter–from 🇨🇿Dukla Liberec to 🇨🇿Volejbal Brno
🏐Lukáš Vašina (🇨🇿)–Outside Hitter–from 🇨🇿VK ČEZ Karlovarsko to 🇵🇱PGE Skra Bełchatów


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