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Road to the World Championship. USA won Ljubljana Volleyball Challenge, and the others.

Full loot for the United States in the Ljubljana Volleyball Challenge: after Iran and Canada, victory also against Slovenia’s hosts 3-1 (25,22 25,23 24,26 25,21), after a match that reiterated what was already known: Usa have a team of great value that can point to the podium, and Slovenia may be the loose cannon of the World Championship. In the last match another defeat for Iran, which lost 3-2 against Canada.

Ljubljana Volleyball Challenge
Slovenia-Usa 1-3 (22-25, 23-25, 26-24, 21-25)
Slovenia: Štern 8, Pajenk 9, Kozamernik 6, Šket 6, Gasparini 2, Pavlović, Vinčić, Štalekar, Klobučar, Kovačič, Toman, Ropret 3, Urnaut 7, Čebulj 13. All: Slobodan Kovač.
Usa: Anderson 15, A. Russell 15, T. Sander 19, Jendryk, K. Shoji, McDonnell, Christenson 2, Holt 8, Patch, B. Sander, Langlois 2, Averill 8, D. Smith, Watten, E. Shoji. All: John Speraw.

Iran – Canada 2-3 (24-26, 25-22, 25-17, 23-25, 9-15)

The others:
In Aalst, Belgium won against Australia 3-0 in his last friendly match before World Championship (25-19, 25-18, 25-23).
In Ede, the Netherlands won against Velasco’s Argentina 3-2 and for more points scored in the 2 games (197-195) won the Gelderland Cup.

Photos via Facebook: Odbojkarska zveza Slovenije – Volleyball Federation of Slovenia, TopVolley Belgium
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