26 September 2023


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How to qualify for the Olympic Games 2020?

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It’s certain that 12 teams will compete in men’s tournament and 12 teams in women’s tournament at the Olympic Games, and the system of the qualifiers is the same for both.
One place is already guaranteed for the host Japan, so there are another 11 free spaces for the most absolut anticipated sport event!
First, unlike the World Championship and some other competition, the head coaches will have only 12 players per team for the Olympic Games, and the first qualifying tournaments will be held in 2019.

There will be six intercontinental Olympic Qualification Tournaments.
I want to specify that the exact dates and hosts have not determined yet.
The partecipants will be the 24 highest ranked National Federations according to the FIVB World Ranking as of 1st January 2019, not yet qualified.
This 24 teams shall be placed into 6 pools of 4 teams each using a method employed in the organization of a competition to define the seeded teams and arrange them in pools. So, the ranked teams that will partecipate in the tournament are distributed in pools according to the following system:

POOL A: Ranking 1, Ranking 12, Ranking 13, Ranking 24
POOL B: Ranking 2, Ranking 11, Ranking 14, Ranking 23
POOL C: Ranking 3, Ranking 10, Ranking 15, Ranking 22
POOL D: Ranking 4, Ranking 9, Ranking 16, Ranking 21
POOL E: Ranking 5, Ranking 8, Ranking 17, Ranking 20
POOL F: Ranking 6, Ranking 7, Ranking 18, Ranking 19

The top place team of each Pool will earn one spot at the Olympic Games.
So, these six tournaments will determine six participants for the Olympic Games, but there will be five more places left.
Then, there will be FIVE Continental Olympic Qualification tournaments, which will play in January 2020, one in each confederation:

AVC (Asia)
CAVB (Africa)
CEV (Europe)
CSV (South America)
Norceca (North and Central America).

Of course, the teams that already obtained one place for the Olympic Games through an Intercontinental Olympic Qualification tournament, will not be able to participate in the Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament.
The highest placed national teams of each of the five Continental Olympic Qualification Tournament will earn one place for the Olympic Games.

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