10 December 2023


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Siena are looking for some reinforcement: Kaziyski is only a rumor. Nicholas Hoag?

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fot. Krzysztof Porebski / www.fotoporebski.pl

In Italy, Siena are looking for some reinforcement in order to improve the results in Superlega.
Some media reported that the Italian team will try to sign the bulgarian star Matey Kaziyski, but it’s not a real transfer, and it’s only a rumor at this moment, and the cost is too high.
Siena want to take advantage of the situation in Szczecin since this team is having some financial issues.
Their target is the Canadian outside hitter Nicholas Hoag, who is currently playing in the Polish team Stocznia Szczecin.
If Siena signs the player, the Canadian international will joins Yuki Ishikawa in the position of outside-hitter.

Nicholas Hoag, photo from Web.

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