2 December 2023


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Round 9: another defeat for Sète and Nice. Rennes still on the top.

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The first 3 matches of the 9th day of Ligue A are played yesterday. What’s happened?
Rennes wins in straight sets in Narbonne and with its 7th victory gives another week at the top of the standings.
Chaumont also smiles, winning with the same score in Nice and rising to 13 points. Another defeat also for Sète, beaten 3-1 in Toulouse.
Other personal opinion. I think Nice played the worst game in two years that I live in France! Really terrible. Congratulations to Chaumont, and to Michael Saeta (12 points and 100% attack), author of 5 aces! 3 aces also for Martin Atanasov (and 11 points total). The top scorer of the match was Matej Patak with 15 points. I think that Nice, despite the extended second set, has never started playing. Only its opposite, Robin Overbeeke, reached the double digit (14 points and 41% in attack).
Another defeat also for Sète, who however fought for 4 sets. In Toulouse, which celebrated after winning another 3 points, good match for Nicolas Burel, author of 4 aces and 4 winning blocks (13 points in total). The top scorer of the match was Jordan Corteggiani with 21 points and 59% in attack.
In Sète, the best scorer was Vasyl Tupchii with 15 points, while Branimir Grozdanov added 13 (including 3 aces).
With another 3-point victory, this time in Narbonne, Rennes confirms itself the leader of this championship. Bram Van Der Dries (20 points and top scorer of the match) and Kamil Baranek (13 points and 75% attack!) led their team to victory, while Georgiev and Prevert made 3 winning blocks each. In Narbonne only two blocks in total, (against the 8 of Rennes), and only Arpad Baroti has reached the double-digit with 14 points.

Nice-Chaumont 0:3


Toulouse-Sete 3:1

Narbonne-Rennes 0:3

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