23 September 2023


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Second Part of Round 10: Victory for Poitiers, Chaumont and Tourcoing at tie break.

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Yesterday ended also the round 10 of the French ligue A. But what happened after the Friday victories all in straight sets of Rennes, Tours and Nice?
Montpellier drops to 7th place in the standings after the defeat in 4 sets at Poitiers. Jochen Schops led his team to victory, playing a very good match: 19 points, including 4 aces and 3 blocks. His teammate Menelaos Kokkinakis added 12, while in Montpellier Thiago Sens and Jean Patry scored 14 points each, even if Patry suffered 7 blocks by the rivals!
Chaumont, although at a disadvantage 1-2 and 22-24 in the 4th set, still managed to rip a tie-break against Ajaccio which, in the final of the fourth set, was betrayed by 3 consecutive Pepic’s errors in attack (but deapite this, he was author of 16 points). For hosts, excellent performance of Atanasov with 23 points and positive inputs of Repak and Winkelmuller who in the last 2 sets have replaced Saeta and Ben Tara. In Ajaccio top scorer was Thimotee Carle with 18 points including 3 aces.
Cannes rip a point at Tourcoing, but loses at the tie break and remains at the bottom of the standings. Despite this, Cannes has finally played better. Ronald Jimenez is really a great player, and confirms himself among the best scorers of the championship: yesterday he was the author of 26 points, and a really good 60% in attack, while also Maksym Drozd contributed to the victory with 17 points, including 5 aces and two blocks, and very few errors, with the 83% in attack.
In Cannes the best scorer was Danijel Koncilja (still used as opposite instead of Hamzagic) with 21 points and 55% attack (including 4 aces and one block), while Ferens added 17 points. A good match also for the captain of Cannes Jiri Kral: 13 points in total, including one ace and 4 blocks!

Poitiers-Montpellier 3:1

Chaumont-Ajaccio 3:2

Cannes-Tourcoing 2:3


Played on friday:
Sète-Rennes 0:3
Tours-Narbonne 3:0
Nantes-Nice 0:3


Next Round:

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