11 December 2023


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#France: the season is over: situation before playoffs!

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Although mathematically first in the standings, clear victory for Tours over Montpellier in this last Round 26: the 3-1 in favor of the leaders, led by Egleskalns and Wounembaina, authors of 24 and 22 points, leaves Ajaccio in 2nd place in the standings and Montpellier must content itself with the 3rd.
It did not change even the fourth place, because Rennes maintained its position destroying in straight sets Nantes, which instead fell to eighth place due the surprise victory of Poitiers (without Kokkinakis) on Nice.
In the other matches, the victories were essentially irrelevant for Tourcoing, 3:1 against Sete, Chaumont over Cannes with the same result, and for Narbonne away against a revised Toulouse. The match ended in five sets. (Photogallery of the match between Chaumont and Cannes soon avaible on our site).

Tourcoing-Sete 3:1

Tours-Montpellier 3:1

Toulouse-Narbonne 2:3

Rennes-Nantes 3:0

Poitiers-Nice 3:0

Chaumont-Cannes 3:1 –GALLERY–


Tours (1) – Nantes (8)
Rennes (4) – Nice (5)
Ajaccio (2) – Poitiers (7)
Montpellier (3) – Chaumont (6)

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