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#GoldenEuropeanLeague: Belgium’s come back from 0-2 to 3-2 against Slovakia, Turkey and Belarus ok.

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Check out how the competition on Day 1 went….
Pool B 👉🏼 Spain – Estonia 3-1
The Netherlands – Croatia 3-2
Pool C 👉🏼 Finland – Ukraine 1-3

Belgium – Slovakia 3-2 (14:25, 21:25, 25:19, 25:21, 15:13)

A highly rejuvenated team of Belgium came back from two sets down to beat Slovakia on Day 2 of the 2019 CEV Volleyball European Golden League.
Belgium, without many veterans players like Sam Deroo, François Lecat, Simon Van De Voorde, were two sets down against Slovakia at home in Brussels, before they made a comeback to win the match. The outside hitter Lou Kindt was the top scorer for the winning side with 29 points. Igor Oskar Grobelny made 80% positive reception (25 digs, 2 errors, 28% excellent), while the 18-year-old setter Seppe Van Hoyweghen served 4 aces. In Slovakia, Filip Gavenda scored 20 points.

Lou Kindt, player of Team Belgium: “We had some problems in the first two sets with lots of doubts, since we are a young team and we were looking to find the right solutions. With some changes to our game, we reached a higher level. Our serves became better and our team became more relaxed with the flow of the match. We are looking forward to seeing if we can reach this level against against a strong team like Turkey. First we have to recuperate after this long game.”

Seppe Van Hoyweghen, player of Team Belgium: “We are a completely new, young team and we had to see how it would work. Not so easy in the beginning, but as players we grew and we got into the flow of the game to win. When things work good, they really work good with our team. We are working together as a group of friends and that helps.”

Andrej Kravarik, head coach of Slovakia: “After an easy win in the first two sets, my team suffered from a lack of concentration. That costs a lot on this international level. It is unbelievable that my players did not react in a professional way at the moment that the Belgian team played better and better. The same result as last year against Belgium in the same competition. It is a pity, especially since we tried to earn a little bit more in a thrilling tiebreak.”

Turkey – Latvia 3-0 (25:21, 26:24, 25:20)

In the same pool, Turkey destroyed Latvia with a 3-0 at home, in the city of Sivas. Adis Lagumdžija was the best with 14 points, while Çağatay Durmaz was author of 6 kill blocks and Burutay Subaşı served 4 aces. Reinis Pekmans and Atvars Ozoliņš scored 9 each on the other side.

Arslan Ekşi, player of Team Turkey: “It is always good to start the competition with a victory, and I am especially happy that we performed well in front of our crowd. I must congratulate my team on the win, and especially on how we performed at home. I think we did a good job today.”

Nedim Özbey, head coach of Turkey: “I would have to congratulate my team on the victory. We did a really great job today against Latvia. We saw the desire from the players to do their best in front of our crowd.”

Belarus – Czech Republic 3-1 (19:25, 25:18, 25:20, 27:25)

On home soil in Minsk, Belarus opened their 2019 European Golden League with a 3-1 victory against Czech Republic in Pool C. Radzivon Miskevich was the best scorer for Belarus with 21 points. Michal Finger scored 22 for the losing side.

Adam Zajicek, player of Team Czech Republic: “I think we started very well. We were pushing on the serve, playing the high balls. But after this we felt the pressure and made a lot of mistakes, especially in service. I think the fans played a very big role in the success of Belarus.

Siarhei Busel, player of Team Belarus: “The first set we were fighting against our mistakes, and the reception wasn’t good. The Czech team is a very strong opponent, so we are especially happy for this win. It is always great to play at home.”

Source and Images: CEV.

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