27 January 2023


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Karol Kłos decided to put the situation with Spiridonov to an end: “Let’s give it a rest”

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Poland Volleyball national team captain Karol Kłos decided to put the situation with the Twitter case that involved Russian player Aleksey Spiridonov to an end.
He eased the situation, not wanting to further go into an argument regarding the comments that the Russian posted on Twitter.
Due to this, the Polish Volleyball Federation (PZPS) urged International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and All-Russian Volleyball Federation (VFV) to punish Spiridonov.

“I saw the comment of the Russian on the whole matter…If only I am Polish whore and not the whole nation, it’s easy. Let’s give it a rest and finish it“, Kłos wrote on Twitter.

However, the President of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation (VFV) Stanislav Shevchenko told that they have not received a letter from the Polish Volleyball Federation (PZPS) asking to punish Aleksey Spiridonov for the offensive message on Twitter. It seems, instead, that the Polish Federation issued a note saying that they filed a complaint to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and the All-Russian Volleyball Federation, requesting them to punish Spiridonov for these Twitter posts.

At the moment, we haven’t received any requests” Russian Federation President Shevchenko said to Sport RIA Novosti.

Spiridonov told the same news agency that he wrote a comment specifically to Kłos and that did not refer to the entire Polish nation.
I wrote a message on Twitter to one particular player, answering the post which he wrote on his profile. I didn’t touch upon the whole nation. I don’t understand why they are blowing this out of proportion and want to somehow punish me. Why should I be punished?” Said Spiridonov.

Source: Karol Kłos on Twitter, rsport.ria.ru

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