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Vital Heynen’s surprise: makes 6 substitutions at once!

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That’s true! The head coach of the World Champions Vital Heynen has once again surprised the volleyball world but his players as well.
Before the game against Ukraine, Heynen asked his starting players how much they want to play. After their answer – “Well, one set, maybe two” he got an amazing idea.
During the second set, at the result 14:8 for Poland, Heynen has given an order to make six substitutions. The players were surprised, but liked the idea.

I don’t know if I can reveal the backstage of this idea or not. Before the game, the coach asked the starting line-up players whether they want to play and how long. We agreed that we would like to play about a set, maybe two. Vital has decided to make a change exactly after one and a half sets. In the middle of the second set, he made a gesture with his hands, showing six fingers, signaling that he wants to change six players. I met something like that for the first time. It was a bit funny, but the most important thing was that everyone had the chance to play before the most important matches,” says Fabian Drzyzga for TVP Sport.

This surprising move of Vital Heynen didn’t affect the game of his Poland in any way. In fact, they won the match in straight sets to claim the ticket in 1/8 finals as first in Pool D of European Championship.

Source: WP sportowefakty.pl

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