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France Round 11: The leaders of Rennes recover from 0-2, tie break victory also for Tourcoing and Narbonne. Ajaccio, Nantes and Chaumont ok.

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The first 6 matches of the Round 11 of Ligue A were played last night. The leaders of Rennes risked a sensational home knockout against Sète, but under 0-2 they managed to made a great comeback, expecially from the service line (16 aces, of which 11 in the last 3 set). For Sète it is the sixth consecutive defeat. The comeback from 0-2 was also successful for Tourcoing against Cannes. The signature was placed by the Colombian Jimenez, author of 32 points. Narbonne also wins in five sets: they recover the injured Zanotti and Bassereau (but not Shaw and the middleblocker Vigil stops due to a groin injury) and at the end they beat Poitiers 25-23 at the tie -break, at the ninth match ball!
Nantes take a great straight sets win away in Nice with a fantastic performance of Michalovic (22 points and 62% in attack) and Chaumont beats Toulouse (without the first setter Takaniko) with the same score. Waiting for the big-match postponed between Tours and Montpellier, scheduled tonight, the 3-1 of a great Ajaccio against a bad Paris closes the picture. Ben Tara was the top scorer for the winners with 21 points and Overbeeke scored 20 on the other side.

Ajaccio-Paris 3-1

Tourcoing-Cannes 3-2

Rennes-Sete 3-2

Nice-Nantes 0-3

Narbonne-Poitiers 3-2

Toulouse-Chaumont 0-3



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