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Austria: Fantastic 2020 start for Waldviertel. After Aich / Dob, also Ried defeated! (Photogallery)

Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel continued its great start to 2020! They beat also UVC Weberzeile Ried / Innkreis, at home in Zwettl in four sets (25:20, 25:27, 25:19, 25:23) in DenizBank AG VL. At the first match, they defeated in four sets also the reigning champions SK Zadruga Aich/Dob away. For Ried, on the other hand, is the second match lost after the opening round in Graz (1:3).
The top scorers of the match were Lars Bornemann for Waldviertel and Tomasz Rutecki for Ried who scored 22 points each. To date, Rutecki is the second best scorer in the league and Bornemann is at third place. First is a player of UVC Holding Graz, Lorenz Koraimann.


DenizBank AG VL Men

Obere Setzrunde
January 11 Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel โ€“ UVC Weberzeile Ried/Innkreis 3:1 (25:20, 25:27, 25:19, 25:23)
January 15 UVC Holding Graz โ€“ SK Zadruga Aich/Dob

Untere Setzrunde
January 17 VCA Amstetten Nร– – VBK Wรถrther-See-Lรถwen Klagenfurt
January 18 VBK Wรถrther-See-Lรถwen Klagenfurt – TJ Sokol Wien V
VBC TLC Weiz – VCA Amstetten Nร–

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