4 February 2023


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France: Chaumont beat Tours in the big match of Round 17. Wins also for Rennes and Toulouse.

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The winning streak of the reigning champions of Tours stops at 10, falling at home against Chaumont. The main star of the match is the American international middleblocker Stahl who, thanks to 8 kill blocks and 5 aces, collects 19 points. Among the guests also Winkelmuller shines, with 21 points, and the Cuban Yant, with 15, while in Tours the 20 points of Wounembaina were not enough.
Rennes takes advantage of this result, winning 3-1 in Poitiers to take the lead again. A surprising result closes the picture: the young Toulouse who destroys Ajaccio in straight sets!

Toulouse-Ajaccio 3-0

Poitiers-Rennes 1-3

Tours-Chaumont 1-3

The others of Round 17January 26

Already played:
Nantes-Poitiers 3-1
Cannes-Montpellier 1-3PHOTOGALLERY
Tourcoing-Narbonne 3-1


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