4 February 2023


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Uncertainty about continuation of Chinese championship grows: Sabbi and Urnaut leave China

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The outbreak of coronavirus in China put all public gatherings, including sports competitions, on hold.
The virus, that killed more than 300 people and infected more than 17,000 across China in the last month, stopped all activities in most of the country. Logically, it affected sports, including volleyball. Round 2 of the Super League, that was supposed to be held yesterday, is postponed indefinitely, as well as the entire championship. Foreign players started to leave China due to a fear of the virus, but also due to the fact that it’s unknown when the competition will resume. Slovenian Tine Urnaut and Italian Giulio Sabbi, both playing for Shanghai, left the Asian country as the latter posted on social media.

Due to the virus that is immobilizing China, after various local sports have been suspended, Giulio and his teammate Tine Urnaut will return to Italy where they will await the decision of the CVA (i.e. Chinese Volleyball Association) regarding the cancellation of the championship. Updates to follow,“ Sabbi wrote.

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