30 November 2023


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France: LNV opposes the cancellation of the Championship

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The LNV Board has confirmed the suspension of all national volleyball competitions until further notice.
Despite the wish of the 13 presidents (13/14) of the League A to cancel the Men’s Championship, the committee of the Ligue National de Volleyball has maintained its simple suspension until further notice.

On Tuesday, thirteen of the fourteen presidents of Ligue A asked for the complete cancellation of the Championship due to the coronavirus crisis, agreeing that the “title of champion of France would not be awarded this season”. However, the committee of the LNV which brought together its 27 members (male and female leagues, club representatives, players and coaches) did not agree with this opinion.

The goal of the League is to ensure the general interest of all clubs and not just the sporting aspect“, said Alain Griguer, the LNV president and also president of Nice Volley Ball, who had not signed the request on Tuesday.
The Board decided by a very large majority for the suspension of the championship and not its cancellation.

This decision has of course reacted the presidents of Ligue A on social networks. “A middle finger to the club presidents,” posted Yves Bouget, president of the reigning champions of Tours.

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