27 January 2023


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Season in South Korea is over!

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Another league ending due to coronavirus: the Korean federation (KOVO) decided to put an end to the ongoing club season.
They was amongst first volleyball federations in the world to suspend competitions in view of the COVID-19 outbreak. Given that a large part of the world, including Korea, is still in the midst of the fight against coronavirus (nearly 9,000 infected and 111 death cases in the country), KOVO assessed there are no conditions to resume men’s and women’s 2019/20 Dodram V-League.
The KOVO added that given the season ended prematurely, there will be no champions, while the current, regular-season ranking will be respected. The KOVO also plans to award prize money for the first three teams in the ranking in both championships to support their budget and also to donate money to support league’s officials and referees.

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