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Greece resumes its championship – playoff semifinals start tomorrow!

After nearly a four-month break, Greek men’s volleyball Championship will resume.The Greek men’s Championship will be only the second (the first in Europe) national league in the world to resume its activities after the suspension due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The COVID-19 still sows fear across the globe but Vietnam and now Greece decided it was time to play volleyball again. The top 4 teams of the 2019/20 Greek Championship (Volley League Pame Stoixima) in the moment of the suspension of the season (two rounds before the completion of the regular season) will take part in the playoff semifinals from June 30 to July 5: No.1 seed Olympiacos S.F.P, No.2 seed P.A.O.K, No.3 seed Panathinaikos A.O, and No.4 seed Foinikas Syrou ONEX.

The semifinals will be played in the best-of-three format. The playoff pairings are:
Olympiacos (1) vs Foinikas (4) (June 30, July 2, and July 4, if necessary)
PAOK (2) vs Panathinaikos (3) (July 1, July 3, July 5, if necessary).

All matches are to be played in one venue: the OAKA in Athens. This 20,000-seat hall is famous as a home of the basketball club Panathinaikos for many years. Actually, OAKA will host matches of the Greek volleyball Championship for the first time in history. The only time when they hosted any volleyball game at all was the Final Four of the 2009 CEV Men’s Volleyball Cup.

This is how the preparations of OAKA for the playoffs look like:

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