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Poland: Coronavirus detected among Tref players

The Polish volleyball side Trefl Gdańsk, who recently announced withdrawing from the participation in the European cups next season, informed that one of its players was tested positive for the coronavirus.
In order to protect the privacy of an athlete, the Gdańsk team didn’t disclose his name. Due to this, the entire team, the training staff, and all club employees were sent to the self-isolation and are waiting for further recommendations from the polish Department of Health and Safety.
The player who was diagnosed with COVID-19 began his isolation even before receiving the test results and all persons who have recently had contact with an athlete for at least 15 minutes, at a distance of fewer than 1.5 m, and without masks have already been reported to the State Sanitary Inspection. In addition, the Trefl’s training sessions have been suspended.

Last Friday, July 17, Trefl met with fans on the beach, but the conditions in which the meeting took place (outdoors, with a significant part of the distance between players and fans) weren’t considered potentially dangerous to spread the virus, the club posted on its website. And the player who was diagnosed with the coronavirus didn’t even take part in this event.


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