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FIVB releases COVID-19 guidelines for restart of volleyball activities

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) released the results of the work on developing COVID-19 guidelines for a safe restart of volleyball activities.

The FIVB Medical Commission worked in a previous period on developing guidelines with the aim to help continental confederations, national federations, and national leagues create a safe environment to restart volleyball activities and now has published the result.
The FIVB stressed that these guidelines aren’t intended to replace guidelines of local health authorities, but to rigorous planning in cooperation with them prior to and during events, especially in regard to considering the presence of the audience.
This includes reviewing the necessary social distancing protocols at competition venues and training facilities and implementing strict sanitization measures, both in venues and on the court. At the same time, teams are advised to establish a consistent COVID-19 testing plan and minimize physical contact between rallies.

As for other guidelines, they are related to officials to secure sanitizing balls between rallies, an adequate distance of rival teams when changing sides, to eliminate the handshake of players before and after matches, etc.

Here all COVID-19 safety guidelines developed by the FIVB.

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