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Rumors: Ngapeth will be back to Italy next season?

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It seems that the current season will be the last for Earvin Ngapeth in Zenit-Kazan, and maybe in Russia too. There are several factors that might lead to such an outcome.
It is yet unknown what will happen with the powerhouse from Tatarstan at the end of the season when it comes to sponsorship of Gazprom given that its cousin company is funding Zenit Saint Petersburg. This especially if the younger Zenit win the national title.
The other factor is Ngapeth’s behavior, which he recently showed in full potential by not returning to Russia with the club after the CEV Champions League tournament.
So, the French outside hitter will likely decide to accept the proposals that keep coming from Italy.
One of those is from his former club Leo Shoes Modena…but this is only a rumor at this moment. Or not?

Photo: Zenit Kazan on Facebook

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