29 September 2022


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Austria: Aich/Dob destroys Graz at the top round opener

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In a replica of last Austrian Volley League final, SK Zadruga Aich/Dob started Top Round with a sovereign away win over defending champions UVC Holding Graz in just 66 minutes (25:13, 25:19, 25:12). Both teams were directly qualified for the second championship phase and did not take part in the basic round.

Just last Saturday, Aich / Dob and Graz faced each other in the MEVZA League basic round, and Head coach Zvonko Nikolic’s side also won, but only at tie-break. Top scorers among the winners were Noel Krassnig (10) and Konrad Formela (8), while no players on the other side of the net reached a doble digit, with Sergej Drobnic (8) and David Reiter (5) who collected the most points.

The top round will not continue until the beginning of January, while the intermediate round will start next weekend, with TJ Sokol V / Post SV Wien who welcomes newcomers Hypo Tirol volleyball team on Saturday, and VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt will face TSV Raiffeisen Hartberg on Sunday.



Top Round | Toprunde | Dec. 14, 2021
• UVC Holding Graz – SK Zadruga Aich/Dob 0:3 (13:25, 19:25, 12:25)

Basic Round | Grunddurchgang | Dec. 19, 2021
• VCA Amstetten NÖ – Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel

Intermediate Round | Zwischenrunde

| December 18, 2021
• TJ Sokol V/Post SV Wien – Hypo Tirol Volleyballteam

| December 19
• VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt – TSV Raiffeisen Hartberg


🏐| TOP ROUND STANDINGS (updated on this day)
SK Zadruga Aich/Dob 3
Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel 0
UVC Holding Graz 0
UVC Ried/Innkreis 0
VCA Amstetten NÖ 0


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