29 September 2022


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Russian Cup: Zenit Kazan defeat Dinamo Moscow to lift 10th trophy in club’s history!

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With an excellent performance, Zenit Kazan beat a disappointing Dinamo Moscow 3-0 (25:18, 25:19, 25:23)and returned to win this edition of Russian Cup, Кубок России, the tenth in the club’s history.
Kazan misses something too much in the serve (22 errors and 4 aces, while the rivals make 4 aces but with only 15 errors), but dominates in attack (53% and 39% efficiency), against a Moscow that, in addition to suffering the pressure opponent, commits too many inaccuracies and closes with a bad 36% and only 6% efficiency (even negative efficiency for the bomber Sokolov, who closes the match with -9%).
Dmitry Volkov was the top scorer with 14 points, 2 winning blocks and 2 aces, as well as the best in attack (67% and 47% efficiency) as in yesterday’s match, but Mikhaylov is named MVP of F4.

About the match itself, it was A. Volkov to sign first break with an ace: 2-0. Moscow reply with
Podlesnykh’s ace, that worth 4-4, Pankov’s block over Bednorz (4-5) and another ace from Podlesnykh
(4-6), but a block from Bednorz over Sokolov and a Semyshev’s error carry on Kazan again, 7-6.
Pankov signs the 8-9 with an ace, but Semyshev has been mistaken again: 11-10. Vlasov block Mikhaylov (13-14), but this was the last Dinamo Moscow’s advantage: ace from Volvich (16-14) and Semyshev attacks out again (17-14). He was definitely replaced by Bogdan due his 4 errors on 4 attacks.
A counterattack by D.
Volkov signs the 20-15, and error di from Sokolov a heavy 21-15.
The set ends at first set point, with an error from Podlesnykh, that worths the 25-18.

Podlesnykh starts good the second set with 2 points in a row, 0-2, the rivals reply with 4 consecutive, 3 from Volvich and one from D. Volkov: 4-2. On the turn from the service line by the same Volkov, Kazan run away: error from Sokolov (6-3), counterattack from Bednorz (7-
3), ace (8-3), attack from the second line by D. Volkov (9-3), and another ace (10-3). Sokolov does not give up and signs the attack of 10-5 and the winning block of 12-8, but then he was blocked by D. Volkov, and this is the 14-8.
From 16-10 Moscow has and exploit with 3 consecutive break points, with a counterattack from Sokolov (16-12), a counterattack
from Bodgan (16-13), and a Pankov’s block over D. Volkov (16-14), but Bogdan’s error (19-15) and A. Volkov’s block (22-17) on Sokolov
made the definitive break: Bednorz close, 25-19.

In third sets Vlasov made 2 blocks over D. Volkov (2-3) and Mikhaylov (2-4), and Sokolov adds the ace of 2-5. But Kazan reply with a great defense, finalized by Bednorz (4-5), and Vlasov due an injury is forced to leave the field. Other 3 points for Kazan: Volvich blocks Sokolov and levels the score, 5-5, counterattack from D. Volkov (6-5), followed by MVP Mikhaylov (7-5). Podlesnykh levels the score again, 7-7, Sokolov blocks Mikhaylov (9-10), but then his error
in attack: 11-10. A. Volkov’s blocks
over Likhosherstov (12-10) and of Christenson over Sokolov (16-13) make the decisive break, and 2 counterattacks from D. Volkov worth the heavy 22-18. Errors in attack by Mikhaylov (22-20) and D. Volkov (24-23) are shaking Kazan, who in any case close with Mikhaylov: 25-23.

MVP: Maksim Mikhaylov (Kazan)
Best setter: Pavel Pankov (Moscow)
Best attack: Maksim Mikhaylov (Kazan)
Best middle-blocker: Aleksandr Volkov (Kazan)
Best libero: Lauri Kerminen (Moscow).


🏐| Russian Cup 2021/22

| SemifinalsDecember 25, 2021
Lokomotiv Novosibirsk – Zenit Kazan 0-3 (19:25, 21:25, 22:25)
Dinamo Moscow – Zenit Saint Petersburg 3-1 (25:16, 25:15, 24:26, 25:19)

👉🏼 FinalDecember 26

• Zenit Kazan – Dinamo Moscow 3-0 (25:18, 25:19, 25:23)
Zenit Kazan: Christenson 1, Bednorz 6, A. Volkov 5, Mikhaylov 11, D. Volkov 14, Volvich 10, Fedorov (L); Surmachevskiy 0. Not Entered: Poroshin, Berezhko, Shcherbinin, Kononov, Golubev, Zemchenok. Coach: Verbov.
Dinamo Moscow: Pankov 4, Semyshev 0, Likhosherstov 3, Sokolov 11, Podlesnykh 9, Vlasov 4, Kerminen (L); Bogdan 5, Sventitskis 0, Belogortchev 0, Dmitriev 0. Not Entered: Shkulyavichus, Baranov (L). Coach: Bryanskiy.


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