24 September 2023


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Austria: Waldviertel in final! Aich/Dob almost. Klagenfurt join Ried to match for 5th place

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Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel dethrone defending champion UVC Holding Graz and is the first team yo reach the final series!
On Saturday, they defeat titleholders in front of their own fans in the “Best-of-5” semi-final series with a clear 3-0 (25:19, 25:14, 25:20), a result that is worth also the end of the series, 3-0 too.

On the other semifinal series, match ball for SK Zadruga Aich/Dob!
In the final series, Waldviertel will face the winners between SK Zadruga Aich/Dob and VCA Amstetten NÖ, with the first super favorite at this moment, as they defeat the rivals at home after losing the first set 3-1 (24:26, 25:23, 25:16, 25:23), and now they are 2-0 in the series. Already on Sunday Aich/Dob, again in their home court, can take the ticket for final. The winners made an impressive performance in blocking today, scoring 19 points from this element!

In the second match of Playoffs for fifth place, VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt defeat again TJ Sokol V/Post SV Wien, and again in straight sets, after a 3-0 win at home on Saturday. The winners, who made the difference above all from the service line, scoring 10 aces, were led by Austrian Volley League top scorer Arwin Kopschar, author of 26 points and 58% in attack.
Thus they will joined UVC Ried/Innkreis for decisive games for 5th place.


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| April 2, 2022
• Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel – UVC Holding Graz 3-0 (25:19, 25:14, 25:20)

• SK Zadruga AICH/DOB – VCA Amstetten NÖ 3-1 (24:26, 25:23, 25:16, 25:23)


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April 2, 2022
• TJ Sokol V/Post SV Wien – VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt 0-3 (22:25, 23:25, 23:25)


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