24 September 2023


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International transfers: summary of last movements.

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The summary of the last main news of men’s international volleyball market.

Brasil: The newly promoted Volei Itapetininga has engaged the american middleblocker Price Jarman (coming from BYU). Itapetininga says good bye to his wing-spiker Clinty Riw da Rosa, who will play for Iraklis Thessaloniki, Greece. After last season in Argentina for Monteros, the opposite Leandro Araujo da Silva returns to play for the Maringá. The wing-spiker Alexander Szot Marczenski, (Alemão), the last season in Montes Claros, will play for Renata/Campinas.

Bulgaria: The opposite of the canadian national team Bradley Gunter has moved from Trefl Gdansk (Poland) to the bulgarian team Hebar Pazardzhik.

Czech Republic: After losing the final with Kladno, the american setter Matt West moves to Brno. The Serbian wing-spiker Milos Vemic (from Bielsko Biala, and later Vojvodina Novi Sad) is a new player of Kladno, that says good bye also to his wing-spiker Adam Kozak, who will play for Zlin. Pribram signed with the australian player of national team Beau Graham (from Saint Quentin) and the Ukrainian opposite Dmytro Dolgopolov (from Massa). The wing-spiker of australian national team Max Staples has moved from the Finns of the Hurrikaani Loimaa to Česke Budejovice, while the wing-spiker of the austrian national team Anton Menner has passed from the Slovaks of Nitra to the VK Ostrava. The Estonian middle-blocker Henri Treial from Karlovarsko, will play for the italian team Mondovì.

France: Poitiers has hired the middle-blocker Marc Zopie (from Tourcoing, and it’s a return) and the Ukrainian wing-spiker Andrey Kutsmus, from the Al Nasr. The second setter of AS Cannes will be Federico Cipollone from Rottenburg. Libero Nicolas Rossard says good bye to Paris to move to Poland, where he will play for Sczeczin, while the brazilian Leonardo Cruz Miranda left Ajaccio to play for Omonia Nicosia.

Germany: American wing-spiker Jake Arnitz, will be one of the new players of Buhl. CV Mitteldeutschland has signed with the canadian middle-blocker Uchenna Ofoha, last season in Finland. Herrsching has signed with setter Leon Dervisaj and with the canadian wing-spiker Bryan Fraser.

Italy: Davide Brunetti, Libero, from Vero Volley Monza will play for Tipiesse Pallavolo Cisano. The wing-spiker Cesare Gradi from Siena is a new player of Catania. Aversa says good bye to the middle-blocker Stefano Catena (Gioia) and to the wing-spiker Andrea Santangelo (Cantù). Flavio Amouah, last season in Lagonegro, back to Cuneo. Also Matteo Bolla, Francesco Dutto, Massimiliano Prandi and Michael Menardo will play for Cuneo.

Poland: The Stocznia Szczecin market does not stop, confirming Bartlomiej Kluth as second opposite and signing with the young wing-spiker Bartosz Firszt from SMS Spala. Official also the arrival of the other wing-spiker, the young bulgarian Asparuh Asparuhov (from Montana), and the signed with the french libero Nicolas Rossard from Paris Volley. Kamil Guzewicz, Tobiasz Wojtkowski and Michal Tomczak, from Pekpol Ostrolęka are new faces of Bas Bialystok, like Damian Śliz, Maciej Walasek, Jacek Obrębski and Jakub Makar.

Russia: Four arrivals for the Dynamo LO: the middleblocker Sergey Rokhin and the spiker Maxim Shpilev from Yaroslavich Yaroslavl, the opposite Pavel Moroz and the libero Vladimir Shishkin from Fakel Novy Urengoy. The other libero, Andrei Alekseev will play for Iskra Odintsovo. The middleblocker Dmitriy Muserskiy left Belogorie Belgorod and will play in Japan, for Suntory Sunbirds.

Turkey: French wing-spiker Guillaume Quesque moved from Fenerbahce Istanbul to Halkbank Ankara. Middle-blocker Osman Cagatay Durmaz moved from Arkas Izmir to Maliye Milli Piyango Ankara.

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