8 December 2023


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Transfers: rumors part II

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Same story. We prefer the official news about volleyball Transfers. But there are, as usual, lot of rumors that will soon become official, others that will never be official. We start from Poland. The Zaksa is very active this year. Outgoing Torres, destination with lot of probabilities Padova, and the setter Falaschi, destination always Italy, but New Mater Castellana. They are looking for Lukasz Kazmarek (from the cuprumLubin), Aleksander Śliwka (from Resovia) and Ivan Zaytsev from Perugia. Speaking of Zaytsev, there is a voice says that he will a new player of Modena (although there is nothing true at the moment), and anyway he is almost sure he will not stay in Perugia (really?). The Espadon Sczeczin, instead, want Bartosz Kurek, from Zirat Bankasi Ankara. Lot of rumors also from Italy (and not only about the never ending negotiations between Perugia and the cuban Wilfredo Leon, with still nothing really true official news.) The wing-spiker Simon Hirschleaving Monza, destination Corea, Monza thad had confirmed the two spikers Dzavoronokand Plotnytskyi and waiting for Santiago Orduna from Ravenna like new setter. New also from Vibo Valentia, with Valentini like new coach. Setter Manuel Coscione probably toward in direction of the new team of Superlega Siena, and at the society likes Tsimafei Zhukouski, the second setter of Civitanova, and the middle-blocker Mengozzi from Verona. Civitanova wants the libero Balaso from Padova, and again Leal from the Brazilian team of Sada Cruzeiro (exchange with Sander?). Ravenna, after losing Orduna, seeks Saitta as a setter (now in Montpellier), while the opposite Buchegger could go to Monza (or alternatively Sabbi, from Modena). Modena has formalized the arrival of Velasco as a coach, and could arrived Anzani from Perugia, Cebulj from Milan and the Polish Bednorz from Belchatow. The Belchatow seeks, from France, the strong spiker Stephen Boyer now in Chaumont, also disputed by Verona. And still in France, the french setter of Rennes, Leo Meyer, could play to Nantes. In Russia, the mittle-blocker Nikolay Apalikov could go to Lomotiv Novosibirsk (currently he is a player of KuzbassKemerovo).

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