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Road to the World Championship. Today in Padua Italy-China. The friendly match is Sold Out.

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Today at the PalaKioene in Padua, which will be sold out for the occasion, Italy will play the first of two test matches against China.
The Italian National Team yesterday left Cavalese where the long preparation ended and so reached Padua, where today at 18.00 will play the first friendly match, just seven days after the inauguration of the World Championship (in Rome. Foro Italico or PalaLottomatica?)….

Coach Blengini will therefore have the opportunity to assess the condition of his boys after a month and a half of preparation against an opponent who will play in Pool B in Ruse, Bulgaria, with Brazil, Canada, France, Egypt and the Netherlands.

Italy: Oleg Antonov, Simone Anzani, Michele Baranowicz, Davide Candellaro, Enrico Cester, Massimo Colaci, Simone Giannelli, Osmany Juantorena, Filippo Lanza, Gabriele Maruotti, Daniele Mazzone, Gabriele Nelli, Luigi Randazzo, Salvatore Rossini, Roberto Russo, Ivan Zaytsev.

China: Mao Tianyi, Yu Yaochen, Liu Meng, Chen Longhai, Miao Ruantong, Rao Shuhan, Liu Libin, Ji Daoshuai, Zhang Jingyin, Du Haixiang, Jiang Chuan, Tang Chuanhang, Tong Jiahua, Ma Xiaoteng

China and Italy to the World Championship.
China: POOL B, Ruse (Bul). Brasil, Canada, France, Egypt, China, Netherlands.
Italy: POOL A, Roma and Florence (Ita). Italy, Argentina, Japan, Belgium, Slovenia, Dominican Republic.

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