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France: day 3. Results and Stats.

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Round 3. What happened? In the two advances of the day, first victory for Nantes, 3: 1 on the field of Narbonne, led by an excellent Michalovic, 28 points, 55% attack, 4 aces and two blocks. Rennes conquers his third consecutive win, 3: 0 against Ajaccio. Toulouse won against Cannes with 16 points of Derouillon, the current champion Tours has destroyed Tourcoing and victory also for Poitiers against Sète. Montpellier has left Nice with 0 points.

Narbonne-Nantes 1:3

Photo via Facebook, Narbonne Volley.

Rennes-Ajaccio 3:0

Photo via Facebook, Rennes volley 35

Toulouse-Cannes 3:0

Tours-Tourcoing 3:0

Poitiers-Sete 3:0

Photo via Facebook, stade poitevin Volley beach

Montpellier-Nice 3:0

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