23 September 2023


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France: Day 4. results and stats.

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Round 4: what happened?
Three matches were played on Friday. Nice obtained the first victory on this season in straight sets on Sete‘s field. Nice played a great game, and had always led the game. Robin Oberbeeke and Adam Bartoš (with 83% attack!) were the top scorer of the winning team with 12 points each, while the top scorer of the match is Vasyl Tupchii, in Nice last season, author of 17 points.
First victory also for Narbonne, 3:2 on the Tourcoing‘s field, led by Arpad Baroti who was the top scorer of the match with 28 points and 40% in attack. In the winning team, Alejandro Vigil scored 12 points and Jean-Phillipe Sol and François Lecat had 10 points each. In home team, Ronald Jimenez scored 20 points, followed by Oleksiy Klyamar with 19.
Home victory for Nantes, who needs 5 sets to win against Montpellier in a rather balanced match. Peter Michalovic once again was the author of a great game, with 26 points and 5 aces! In Montpellier, Lévi Alves Cabral scored 19 points, followed by Jean Patry with 17 and Thiago Sens with 14.

Yesterday ended this fourth round, with the victory in the big match of the day of Chaumont against Tours. The match was very balanced, and the hosts were led by Julien Winkelmuller, author of a good performance, with 24 points and 54% in attack. On the other side, the top scorers were Hermans Egleskalns and Wounembaina, with 17 points each.
Continues the streak of victories for Rennes, who has not yet made a mistake! Victory in straight sets also on the field of Cannes, who played a match for nothing convincing. No player reached double digits, and the top scorers were Martin Mechkarov and captain Jiri Kral, authors of 9 points each. On the ofher side, Bram van Der Dries was the top scorer of the match with 19 points, followed by Kamil Baranek with 17 and a very good performance, with 68% attack.
Victory also for Ajaccio in straight sets against Toulouse, and Milan Pepic was the top scorer of the match with 23 points!

Sete-Nice 0:3

Photo via Facebook, Aragodesete

Tourcoing-Narbonne 2-3

Photo via Facebook, Narbonne Volley

Nantes-Montpellier 3:2

Photo via Facebook, Nantes Reze Metropole Volley

Chaumont-Tours 3:2

Photo via Facebook, Chaumont Volley

Cannes-Rennes 0:3

Photo via Facebook, Rennes volley 35

Ajaccio-Toulouse 3:0

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