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France: Day 5. Results and stats

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The first part of this fifth round of the French championship has just ended.
What happened?
Let’s see it together!
First: Cannes rest and will not play this round. Then it will remain at two points at the bottom of the ranking, with Narbonne and Chaumont, that will play against tomorrow).
Rennes lost at tie break at home against Poitiers. For them it is the first defeat in this season, in a battle lasted 5 sets. Poitiers was ahead 2: 1 in the set count, but Rennes won the fourth 27-25 reopening the match. The tie break, very balanced, was won 15:13 by Poitiers. Despite the defeat, the absolute top scorer of the match is Bram Van Der Dries with 32 points and a good 61% in attack, followed by Baranek and Georgiev, authors of 14 points each. The top scorer on the other side was Schops, author of 24 points and a superb match. Despite the defeat, Rennes remains first in the standings with 13 points, followed by Poitiers with 11, and Tours with 10.
Tours won without too much trouble at home against Toulouse, and needed four sets. The top scorer of the match was Hermans Egleskalns with 21 points, followed by Wounembaina with 19 points and 68% in attack. In Tolouse, the top scorer was Jordan Corteggiani with 18 points, while Nicolas Burel realized 6 blocks!
Great victory for Nice at home against Ajaccio. After defeating Sete in straight sets last round, Nice played another great match tonight, defeating Ajaccio in four sets. Robin Overbeeke was the absolute top scorer of the match with 21 points, and Adam Bartoš also confirmed himself at high levels (13 points, and 3 blocks). Excellent match also for middle-blockers with Cuk (12 points, including 4 blocks) and Ah-Kong (14 points, including 3 blocks). In Ajaccio, Milan Pepic was once again the best with 20 points, followed by Thimoteè Carle with 18 points.
Not lot of problems for Nantes, who wins against Sete in straight sets, led by Noda Blanco (14 points), Michalovic (as usual!) and Henry with 10 points each. In Sete, no player has reached double digits.

The curtain fell on this fifth round with Montpellier‘s home win in straight sets against Tourcoing. Nothing to do for the guests, and the 27 points and 63% in attack by Roland Jimenez were not enough. Jean Patry was the best of the winners, with 16 points.
Chaumont needed five sets to win at Narbonne in a game with many ups and downs on both sides. Arpard Baroti was the top scorer of the match with 29 points, followed by Alejandro Vigil, author of a great performance with 4 blocks, 15 points and 75% in attack.
However, Matej Patak (19) and Julien Winkelmuller (16) led Chaumont to victory.

Rennes-Poitiers 2:3

Tours-Toulouse 3:1

Nice-Ajaccio 3:1
Photogallery avaible!

Nantes-Sete 3:0



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