11 December 2023


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#France: Penalties and fines in the championship.

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It’s not a good period for French Volleyball.
The DNACG (Direction Nationale d’Aide et de Controle de Gestion) has decided to sanction several clubs from the professional divisions.
In the Ligue A Rennes has been fined € 15200 for wrong communications and breaches of equity, but the most serious penalty is that the former championship leader has been penalized 4 points (2 suspended).
Big penalty awarded to Cannes, that loses 3 points and is penalized with a fine of 5,000 euros. The club remains in the penultimate place in the standings ahead of the Sete, but it is also precauzionally relegated and forced to follow an economic recovery plan of its budget for two seasons.
Not sanctioned in term of points, Poitiers is also forced to follow a savings plan over three years.

In League B, Paris Volley is also in the viewfinder of the DNACG: the current leader of the second division, retrocess for administrative reasons last summer and detected by a pool of private investors for the intervention and the initiative of Stephane Antiga, was penalized by as many as six points for “false communications that led to a violation of the budgetary balance” and placed under threat of further relegation.

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