23 September 2023


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#France: Summary of Round 17

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The first part of Round 17 has just ended in France: what happened briefly?
Sete unexpectedly beat Nantes in four sets, Nice won the away derby against Cannes in straight sets, and Ajaccio and Tourcoing also won with the same result, respectively against Rennes and Toulouse.
So, Sete surpasses Cannes in the standings, with a clear victory against Nantes, now relegated “only” to sixth place. Vasyl Tupchii was undoubtedly the best, with 26 points and 58% in attack. In Nantes, the usual Michalovic was not enough to take a victory.
Nothing to do for Cannes, disappointing even this evening: a match almost identical to that played a week ago in Montpellier. It was possible to win the second set, reopen the game and try to take at least one point, but in fact nothing to do, and too many points definitely given away. For the winners, Robin Overbeeke was the top scorer with 23 points and 67% in attack, while Adam Bartoš contributed with 10 points and 62% in attack. Abysmal blocks difference: 11 for Nice, only 3 for Cannes (photogallery of the match avaible).
Great victory for Ajaccio, at home against Rennes, in straight sets. Virtually one-way match, with a great Milan Pepic, author of 20 points, and Thimotee Carle, who practically played a perfect match: 14 points and 71% in attack!
Close the picture Tourcoing‘s victory over Toulouse: all easy for the home team, led by Ronald Jimenez, author of 19 points and absolute top scorer of the match.

Sete-Nantes 3:1

Cannes-Nice 0:3


Ajaccio-Rennes 3:0

Tourcoing-Toulouse 3:0

To be played


Next Round:

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