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#France: Victory for Sete and Nice in the advances of Round 25

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The first two games of Round 25 of the French Ligue A were played tonight. This is the penultimate day of the regular season, and both Sete (surprise 3:1 against Poitiers) and Nice (3:0 against Tourcoing) have won.
In details,unexpected victory for Sete that, with the exception of the second set won by the guests, literally overhelmed Poitiers, playing a really good game. On the other hand, Poitier has made a large number of errors, especially in the decisive moments of the match, despite a great performance of El Graoui, author of 24 points with 65% in attack.
On the winning side, Tupchii scored 20 points with 57% in attack, Swarcz contributed with 12 points including 4 winning-blocks while Truhtchev and Grozdanov scored 13 points each.
This victory changes nothing for Sete, that is already relegated, while Poitiers remains in seventh place and continues to fight against Nantes for the play offs: they have 32 points, Chaumont, with 38, is elusive, while Nantes has 31 points. They can stay in the seventh place, or in the eighth.
Victory also for Nice, which overhelhelmend Tourcoing in the first two sets (photogallery of the match available). Tourcoing that made a good comeback in the third set, pushing it to the advantages (Nice was ahead by 4 points!), but despite this, the home team, led by a great Overbeeke, managed to take the victory in straight sets.
In Tourcoing, the opposite Ronald Jimenez played a really fantastic match, scoring 21 points with 72%. However, he was enough to lengthen the match. It was a battle between the two opposites: Nice’s Overbeeke scored 23 points (including 4 aces) and 70% in attack!
With this victory, Nice confirm itself to the fifth places with 41 points.
Chaumont (which momentarily remains behind with 38 points), will play tomorrow a difficult game on the field of Ajaccio, while Rennes, currently in third place with 42 points, will have the clash against Montpellier tomorrow.

Sete-Poitiers 3:1

Nice-Tourcoing 3:0 —GALLERY




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