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ŞAMPİYON! Fenerbahçe claim the title after 7 years. Izmir destroyed in straight sets.

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Fenerbahçe claimed the Turkish Volleyball Championship title for the fifth time in the club history and after seven years, Izmir destroyed in Game 5!

Arkas Spor Izmir (2) – Fenerbahce (5) Istanbul 0-3 (14:25, 22:25, 19:25) Serie: 2-3
Arkas Izmir: Murilo Radke 2, Taht 4, Sikar 9, A. Lagumdzija 18, Gulmezoglu 2, M. Koc 7, Mert (L); Joao Paulo Bravo 0, Kaya 0. N.E.: Ergul (L), M. Lagumdzija, Matic, Cevik, Cengiz. Coach: G. Hoag.
Fenerbahce: Kiyak 1, Klinkenberg 6, Karasu 5, Ter Maat 15, Hidalgo Oliva 18, Batur 4, Karatas (L); Unver 0. N.E.: Yatgin, Kurt, Ondes, Dengin (L), Cupkovic, Akdeniz. Coach: Sordyl.

Fenerbahçe, who entered 2018-2019 Efeler Ligi playoffs as fifth in the standings, but carrying the status of the national Cup winners, defeated the second seed Arkas Spor in Game 5 of the finals by a clear 3-0 (25:14, 25:22, 25:19) to close the series with a 3-2 score.
The series of the 2018-2019 EfelerLigi was very dramatic with who Fenerbahçe won the first two matches, both at home and both at the tie break. Then Izmir nearly made a full comeback, tying the series at 2-2 at the home court. The decisive game 5 was also held in İzmir but this time, the guests Fenerbahçe literally destroyed the rivals.

GAME 5: In first set, Fenerbahce immediately on the run with an error by Lagumdzija (1:3) and a Ter Maat’s block (1:4). The same Ter Maat who widen the advantage until 8:13. Arkas try a comeback with 2 consecutive blocks, 11:13, but it is definively sunk by Hidalgo’s service turn: from 12:16 to 12:23 with 3 direct aces. The set ends with a clear 14:25.
The second set was very balanced until 10:10, then Fenerbahce acceleration again, and always with Hidalgo from 9 meters: his counterattack, his ace and an error of Lagumdzija which signs 10:14. Karasu scores 3 consecutive points until 12:18, however, the hosts signs 3 very important points and an ace of Koç signs the 21:23, but this is not enough: Klinkenberg and Hidalgo close the set 22:25.
Arkas tries to re-open the match in third set: 5:3, but this is an advantage that ends soon. On 9:8 Ter Maat scores 2 consecutive aces, Karasu stretches until 12:15 and this time Klinkenberg’s service turn conditions the set with 3 consecutive break points and this is 13:19. There is no more space to a hosts’ comeback, and the title point is signed by Klinkenberg.

Also today the Cuban (now with German passport) Salvador Oliva Hidalgo, who had not found space in polish side Jastrzebski Wegiel at the beginning of the season, was the best scoring 18 points with 61% in attack, (including 4 aces) and earned, deservedly, MVP of the Finals award. On the winning side good performance also for Ter Maat, author of 15 points, 48% in attack, 2 winning-blocks and 3 aces.
At Arkas today missed the contribute of his spikers (-23% of efficiency in attack for Taht and -17% of efficiency in attack for Gulmezoglu), despite another good performance of Adis Lagumdžija, who notched 18 points with 59% in attack and two winning-blocks for a player which it seems to have acquired good regularity. Hasan Sikar made 73% attack (8/11, 1 error).

All Awards of the finals:
MVP: Salvador Hidalgo Oliva (Fenerbahce)
Best Attack: Adis Lagumdzija (Arkas Izmir)
Best middle-blocker: Emre Batur (Fenerbahce)
Best Setter: Ulas Kiyak (Fenerbahce)
Best libero: Burak Mert (Arkas Izmir)
Special Award Paidar Demir” for the most improved Turkish player: Oguzhan Karasu (Fenerbahce)

All photos from Facebook: fenerbahçe volejbol.
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