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Kaziyski leaves Verona, destination Japan, but will return for playoffs

The Bulgarian champion Matey Kaziyski is one of the most courted players in the volleyball transfer market at the moment.
Calzedonia Verona’s President, Stefano Magrini, said in an interview to Lโ€™Arena italian newspaper that the Bulgarian star Matey Kaziyski will return to the club for the next seasonโ€™s Italian Championship playoffs.

He will come to the playoffs, we already have an agreement. Perhaps he will come even earlier,โ€ the head of the SuperLega club stated.
Magrini also explained that Verona are unable to keep Kaziyski from the start of the season as they cannot financially measure up with the clubs who already sent their offers to the Bulgarian outside hitter.

According to our (verified) market sources, Kaziyski could return to play in Japan (JTEKT Stings. Only the officiality is missing).

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