30 November 2023


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Dragan Travica furious: “We make sacrifices so the clubs get rewards and we don’t get paid”

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The experienced setter Dragan Travica, which recently renewed with Padova, got angry with the Iranian team Shahrdari Urmia since this team didn’t pay his salaries for almost two years.
He raised his voice, asking the FIVB and Iranian Volleyball Federation where are they now and what will they do regarding this case.

This is the entire post:

“Enough is enough! #Volleyball clubs must pay the players for their work! We train and play hard, we make sacrifices so the clubs get rewards. And we don’t get paid?! So unfair to be treated this way! Many players face this terrible situation!
Almost two years that Shahrdarai Urmia must pay me! 1 #FIVB decision, several letters and still nothing! 40% of Iranian clubs are under a FIVB sanction. Why the #VNL is organised in Iran as if nothing happens? Why I did not get any answer from the FIVB to my letters?
@fivbvolleyball: #BePartOfTheGame! Where are you?! What at are you doing against clubs not caring about your decisions and sanctions?
@irivf: you scream against @michalkubiak_13 but what do you do in this case?
That must change! #paytheplayers #FIVBmustprotectus #playersrights @acpv_official @avcvolley @cevolleyball #VNLMen,” writes Travica on his Instagram.

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