11 December 2023


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France: Chaumont defeated by Ajaccio, Montpellier and Rennes victorious, Tourcoing alone on the top!

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After the third round, Tourcoing is alone in first place!
Round 3 of the French championship was completed yesterday, with Montpellier home victory in four sets against Paris, Ajaccio taking his first victory on the Chaumont field, and Narbonne’s home defeat against Rennes.
In details, Montpellier needed 4 sets to defeat Paris and take 3 points. Ryan Sclater was the top scorer of the match with 20 points, while Kévin Kaba added 6 winning blocks! Overbeeke and Barreto Silva scored 18 points each for Paris, both with 44% in attack.
Chaumont was surprisingly defeated by Ajaccio in straight sets. The best player of the game was a Tunisian opposite Wassim Ben Tara with 20 points, who led GFC Ajaccio to a big victory, the first in this season. In Chaumont, Marlon Herrera Yant scored 14 and Julien Winkelmuller added 12 points.
Rennes’ victory in four sets on the Narbonne field closes the picture of Round 3.

Montpellier-Paris 3-1

Chaumont-Ajaccio 0-3

Narbonne-Rennes 1-3

Already played:

Nice-Sete 1-3
Tourcoing-Toulouse 3-0
Cannes-Tours 3-2GALLERY
Nantes-Poitiers 3-1


Next round:


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