10 December 2023


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Middle blocker marries a middle blocker: Congrats to Kévin Le Roux and Cursty Jackson!

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A volleyball wedding took place in Nantes, France: One-time European champion and a 2-time FIVB World League winner Kévin Le Roux, and one-time FIVB World Grand Prix winner Cursty Jackson, both middle blockers, got married.
In order to celebrate the wedding, the two athletes had to face a long journey: from China (where the French plays with Beijing) to France, with an intermediate stop in Cursty’s hometown of Los Angeles, USA.
The American player has been played for Türk Hava Yolları, Turkey, this season but already in October, she announced that she was pregnant and retired. Their son will be born in May 2020! Congratulations!

Photo: instagram.com/kevinlerouxofficial

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