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Poland: Coronavirus spoils Warszawa’s plans to hire Marouf

The coronavirus pandemic that hit the volleyball world and not only this year has spoiled the transfer plans of many volleyball teams, including Poland’s side VERVA Warszawa ORLEN Paliwa.
In an interview with the Iranian media, transferred by Boxscore News, the head coach of Warszawa, Andrea Anastasi, admitted that he wanted to bring the Iranian star Saeid Marouf to the club.

Yes, I know that some media wrote about it but the truth is that, after the COVID, we have to change the idea about the team. Sponsors were unstable. We’re lucky we have one huge sponsor. We have some small problems with making a budget. We’ve mixed the team with a lot of younger players, who are basically from Poland. We attracted Trinidad, a young setter. He isn’t famous as Marouf but he’s a good player, the setter of the Spain National Team. Sometimes you don’t have the power to take the player that’s on your list,” the Italian coach explained.

Although Anastasi and Marouf didn’t meet at the club level in the 2020/2021 season, their cooperation can’t be ruled out given that the Italian coach is in talks with the Iranian Volleyball Federation (IRIVF) to take over the bench of the men’s national team…only a rumor or not?



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