3 December 2022


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Champions League: Bang in Pool E – Friedrichshafen sweep Lokomotiv. Another win for Trento

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VfB Friedrichshafen and Itas Trentino are at 2-0 each after two days of the competition in the pool stage of the 2021 CEV Volleyball Champions League.
VfB Friedrichshafen caused a big upset today, as German side achieved a straight-set win over Russian champions Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, designated favorites prior to the match in Trentino, Italy, where Pool E is held. This the team from Siberia suffered the second defeat in as many games, while Friedrichshafen have quite an opposite output.
Linus Weber stood out for the winners, who lead the pool, with 19 points, while Estonian Martti Juhkami made 4 winning blocks.

Petar Shopov, Head Coach of Lokomotiv Novosibirsk: “I think tonight the game was under the influence of huge physical and psychological fatigue. We played against a very strong team, they played well in defense and their reception was good. The match meant a lot for us. During the first and second sets I felt that Slavi Kostadinov might not be able to handle this pressure. The substitution in the third set has showed that he still lacks experience in some moments. Tomorrow we will play Karlovarsko. We will do the research, talk in a locker room and get ready to win.

Dmitry Shcherbinin, Middle Blocker for Lokomotiv Novosibirsk: “We must pay tribute to Friedrichshafen, the setter Dejan Vincic played well. We absolutely failed on the block, the opponent was better in defense. They played traditional European volleyball showing impossible saves. Our team work was bad: every player in the German team knew his place and what to do, but we were confused. My state of health is not perfect yet. However, it is much better – thanks to our doctors. They do everything they can to help me recover quickly. We hope that day by day I will get my state back and show the level that I can. Now it is far from my best.”

On the other match, Trentino had to work hard to overcome the resistance of Czech’s ČEZ Karlovarsko (3-1). The SuperLega side was led in score by Dick Kooy, author of 18 points, while Serbian Marko Podraščanin set up 5 blocks, and his compatriot Srećko Lisinac served 4 aces.

Daniel Pfeffer, Libero of ČEZ Karlovarsko: “For sure we play better than yesterday. More relax a with more confidence. We improve in all the parts of the game. We defend a lot of balls a was good on block too. But agains the team like this we have to stay constance whole game. So here we have to improve to start winning the games in this competition.”

Zdeněk Sklenář, Assistent-Coach of ČEZ Karlovarsko: “The game started really well for us. We served well, we played good in reception and defence and also our transition was good. During the game Trento started to play better and make good change with young Michieletto. That was fights for each point and finally Trento was the winner.”

📄| Standings
Friedrichshafen 6
Trento 5
Novosibirsk 1
Karlovarsko 0

📌| CEV Champions League 2020/21 | POOL E

🗓| December 1
Trentino Itas (ITA) – Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (RUS) 3-2 (21:25, 23:25, 25:23, 25:23, 15:2)
CEZ Karlovarsko (CZE) – VfB Friedrichshafen (GER) 1-3 (14:25, 22:25, 25:23, 16:25)

• VfB Friedrichshafen (GER) — Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (RUS) 3-0 (25:20, 25:23, 25:22)
• CEZ Karlovarsko (CZE) — Trentino Itas (ITA) 1-3 (25:19, 18:25, 18:25, 20:25)

🗓| December 3
VfB Friedrichshafen (GER) — Trentino Itas (ITA) 0-3 (19:25, 18:25, 18:25)
Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (RUS) – CEZ Karlovarsko (CZE) 3-1 (25:19, 25:27, 25:18, 25:22)

Source and photos: CEV

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